Baby, please don’t die on me!!!!

(3:37 PM – 3:45 PM US Central Time/Tuesday/Libraries!)

Note: I know that this is old, but I forgot to transfer this over from where I saved it. A month ago. Whoops.

Personal Mood at time of entry: anxious

Holy smoly! Turns out that my gut feeling that my car wasn’t in the best shape was right! I had two different guys try to tell me what they thought was wrong, but it wasn’t ringing true with me. My own ability to read my car and figure out that my battery was dying turned out to be right.

Even so, it’s probably a miracle that my car didn’t burst into flames around me, what with me praying every day. I just got off the phone with the shop and my quote is $1,747! That includes a new battery, a new radiator, a new evap valve, and a new ABS control module. All of this is without me having my shocks fixed, which will run me $681 all by itself. Geesh.

It sounds like a lot, which it is, but it’s definitely cheaper than some of the other quotes other Volvo owners have received. I guess taking my car to a Volvo specific auto shop must help in there somewhere. I do hope that my landlord is prepared for a shakedown for the rest of my money. If I got that back, I could take care of the repairs with no problem. After that, I could save up to fix the shocks. All of this because the old battery was the last straw. Well, the radiator dying en route didn’t help either…

Must flee home to get some rest and do some thinking/reading.


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