Oh, that trip to Brazil. . .

(3:35 P.M. – 3:56 P.M. US Central Time/Thursday/Downtown library

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I meant to note this yesterday, but between the heat, my aching stomach, and my aching hooha, I just couldn’t focus long enough to do so. I eventually dragged my sorry self home and had a nice lie down.

And then today came along with interesting Twittering and that damned Neopets, which NEVER fails to suck me in. I mean, seriously. I’ve risked being late for work and missing buses for Neopets. It’s just so damned addictive and I didn’t originally want to look at it. Only after much pressuring from Chark did I give in and sign up. Now, it’s been over three years and I don’t see myself giving up the habit anytime soon.

Anyway! I finally took my long awaited trip to Brazil . . . in my pants!

I’ve only been waxed one time on my eyebrows, but I have been wanting to ditch the lady hairs for ages. I’ve tried shaving, which always leads to cuts and sketchy results. I know that some folks work their way in, but I decided to go for having absolutely NOTHING to put up with in that area. Lady hairs really are a pain and clean up always takes longer.

So I did it and it hurt like hell. The wax was too hot, I think, but the woman doing it was awesome. She even complimented my ability and technique on being able to hold my legs in the air a certain way. Some of her exact words included “Cirque du Soleil.” Hurray!

Since she kept going over the same area multiple times, there was a bit of light bleeding and scabbing. Not to mention the fact that I could barely stand or walk for most of yesterday following the waxing. There were also the painful stray bits of wax and hair still clinging on. Youch. I do feel better today, for the most part.

Also included in my hair-booting spree, I finally got around to Veeting my legs and stomach and shaving my underarms. All of those hairs don’t usually go completely crazy, but enough so that it would be noticeable if someone looked. And believe me, people are always freaking looking! Because of that, I tend to become a bit hair-obesessed when I think about it. And all due to the shallowness I’m forever surrounded by. Why do we let other people make us crazy?


Chris has absolute no idea that I had the waxing done yesterday or that I ditched the other more annoying forms of body hair. I can’t wait to see his surprized face. =D Not that he’s never seen my legs hairless, just my hooha.

Anyway, this is going to have to be a hit-and-run journaling, because I took so long to settle into writing a bit today.

Now to dash off to work. Hopefully, there won’t be more skin rubbing than I can handle. Chaffing friggin’ sucks!


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