It’s just me.

(3:42 P.M. – 4:10 P.M. US Central/Sunday/Downtown library)

[imood mood at time of entry: tired]

I’m due at work to cover Judy’s shift in just over an hour. I swapped out with her when I saw last Friday who I’d be working with on the next week’s schedule
. The last time I worked with that person, they helped trigger that anxietyattackwhatitwas on Friday the 13th. I couldn’t risk that happening again, so I bailed ASAP. That, and I just don’t like to work with him. He drives me absolutely crazy.

I haven’t really used the laptop since it freaked out on me. I looked into returning it, but Best Buy has such a crap return policy of only two weeks. Guh. I’m thinking of selling it and buying another one or using the money to buy a car, which I REALLY need. It really is about time that I saved up properly and bought myself a car so that I can get around the city and out of it when the desire to roam hits me.

And it does.

So hard that it suffocates me.

I can’t live through other people forever. After all, it is my dream to travel and do something with myself and my life before I die.

I am also thinking about bribing someone to help me with the damned thing. To take a look at it and tell me exactly what software I need to buy to fix the damned thing.

All in all, this experience has actually been. . . freeing. I have been carrying around and protecting a heavy laptop for nearly three months straight. Now, I’m back to no strings and the kinda fun of public computers. You know, apart from all of the germs that freak me out when I think about it or rub my face without thinking first. I definitely miss being about to eat and drink in the library when I use my own laptop. I guess that I might still be able to do so, but I wouldn’t dare on the library computers. I’ve been trained too well by all of the computer teachers I’ve had over the years. Heh.

I did bring the laptop out to play today. I have the story idea buzzing in my head and I definitely think that it just might be the one that I will submit to the short story contest I want to enter. I’ve had other ideas, but I knew that they wouldn’t be selected based on their dark nature. The idea that sprung up either yesterday or the day before isn’t entirely “politically correct,” but it’s something. I can’t really explain it without giving it away.

So, I’m going to do that.

There is still work, which is to say that it’s kinda crap as usual. There were the usual fights among the hosting staff this weekend that led to the temporary host, Jarrod, to put in his two weeks and then go around telling everyone that I made him quit. Uhrm, okay.

He hasn’t spent his summer fighting with me. Up until this past Friday, we were mostly fine. We’ve had talks about his need to dominate everything, but we hadn’t had a big fight. At least, not yet, because we always have a big fight about something when he comes to visit. But whatever.

On a further writing note, I have been chiding myself about this for the longest, but I need to gather all of the scraps of paper I have written poems and story ideas and such on in one place. I try to keep up with them either in my bag or in my box, but there are quite a few of them. What I’m really hoping to do is to find out just what I need to turn all of these damned poems into a book or something, because I’ve written so many of them while at work.

What else am I going to do while I’m there when it’s boring and no one wants to come in and purchase a $12 cheeseburger?

All right, I have a few Internet type things that I need to catch up on, since I can’t get online as often without my laptop and all of the days I work in a row. I think that I am going to do my Neopets money thing and head in to work. My Inbox is too scary to tackle all at once with only a few more minutes online.


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  1. hey i am still not home but checking my email tonight and will give you a better mroe detailed one on myspace when i get back. lol

    any how… hotel and motel parking lots also typically have unsecured wireless to tap into…. if you get sick of the library that is. lol

    cars are too freaking expensive to do the upkeep on. once you buy one they become a money pit seriously if a lap top is going to bring you more enjoyment in life and be cheaper over the long run go that direction and buy yourself an internet connection. lol

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